Scottish Records Association 

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Welcome to the website of the Scottish Records Association (SRA).

The SRA was founded in 1977 and is concerned with the preservation and use of historical records in Scotland.

It provides a forum for users, owners and custodians of records to discuss matters relating to the records, their custody and conservation and research.  Its aims are:

  • to arouse public awareness of matters affecting records;
  • to promote the role of archives in providing evidence of the past and preserving cultural heritage;
  • to encourage co-operation regarding the custody, preservation, accessibility and use of records         of all media;
  • to give voice to users and custodians in discussing topics of common interest.

The Association holds an annual conference and organises visits of archival interest (summer visits). A bi-annual newsletter, Retour, reports news from Scottish archives, including relevant publications and exhibitions. 

The annual journal, Scottish Archives, reflects both the distinctive interests of the Association's members and appeals to a wider audience. It features illustrated papers from conferences as well as other commissioned and submitted articles focussing on Scottish archives and historical sources, their use and interpretation.

In conjunction with National Records of Scotland, the SRA publishes a guide to Scottish palaeography: 'Scottish Handwriting 1500-1700: a self-help pack'.


The constitution of the Scottish Records Association, the Annual Reports for 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 as well as the Accounts for 2019-20 can be downloaded as pdfs.

Support the work of the SRA, be first to hear about visits and the conference, and receive Scottish Archives and Retour on a regular basis by becoming a member.

The SRA is a registered Scottish charity no. SC008896.