Scottish Records Association 

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Past Conferences

The Scottish Records Association has been holding conferences on themes relating to Scottish historical records since 1977.

SRA Conference 2018

Hence the Name: sources for place-name and personal name research in Scotland
Saturday 17 November 2018, Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. In conjunction with the Scottish Place-Name Society.


  • Dr. Meredith Cane. What's in(a) it for you? Fashionable and unique forename research
  • Dr. Alice Crook. Personal Naming in Early Modern Scotland: consultation and analysis of the Old Parish Registers
  • Chris Fleet. How to Avoid 'Heathery Buttocks': new developments in online maps, gazetteers and applications
  • Prof. Carole Hough. An Online Resource for Berwickshire Place-Names
  • Dr. Simon Taylor. Inter Limites Specificatos: some thoughts on place-name research in Scottish records.
  • Dr. Joanna Tucker. Cartularies as a Source for Place and Personal Names
  • Robin Urquhart. Where the Heck is Heck? Sources for locating early modern places
  • Dr. Eila Williamson. Scotland’s Ordnance Survey Name Books: A ‘treasure trove’ for toponymists

Versions of some of the presentations are expected to appear in 'Scottish Archives' volume 25.

SRA conference 2017

Putting on the Writs: Scottish court and legal records
Friday 10 November 2017
New Register House, Edinburgh


  • Loren Moulds and Dr Jim Ambuske. Recovering Hidden Histories of Early America and the British Atlantic World with the Scottish Court of Session Records Digital Archive
  • Dr Alan Borthwick. Court of Session Case Study: Donoghue v Stevenson or the Snail in the Bottle
  • Charles Fletcher. Barony and Regality Courts: a case study
  • Fergus Smith. Sheriff Court Records
  • Alison Diamond and Professor Allan MacInnes. Heritable Jurisdictions in Argyll, 1707-1730
  • Dr Jackson Armstrong and Dr William Hepburn. Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers (LACR)
  • Dr Edda Frankot and Dr Claire Hawes. The Records of the Medieval Burgh Courts of Aberdeen
  • Professor Hector MacQueen. Ae Fond Kiss: A Private Matter?

Versions of some of the presentations are expected to appear in 'Scottish Archives' volume 24.

Some earlier SRA conferences:

2016   Records About the NHS Before the NHS (Perth, A K Bell Library)

2015   Researching Migrants and Migration (Perth, A K Bell Library)

2014   Common Good and Common Land (Linlithgow Burgh Hall)

2013   Et in Archiva Ego: Artists in the Archives. In conjunction with the Archives and Records                       Association Scotland (Perth Conference Centre)

2012   Diaries and Journals (Glasgow, Renfield St Stephens Church)

2011   Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes (Perth, A K Bell Library)

2010   Scottish Society and the Parish. In conjunction with the Economic and Social History of                       Scotland Society (Stirling Tolbooth)

2009   Researching Big Events and Defining Moments (Edinburgh, Midlothian Chambers)

2008   Nonconformist Church records. In conjunction with the Ayrshire Federation of Historical                       Societies (Troon, Walker Hall)

2008   Printing Records (Perth Conference Centre)

2007   Church Records (Perth Conference Centre)

2006   Records in Private Hands (Dundee, Caird Hall)

2005   Burghs, Trades and Incorporations (Edinburgh, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)

2004   Medical and Health Records (Glasgow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons)

2003   Court Records (Stirling Tolbooth)